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BM Electronics FZCO is electronics trading and distributor company that was established in 2008 by young founder Mamur Dadadjanov.

For the last 13 years company has been partnering directly with world’s global leading brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, VIVO, Alcatel and TCL as direct distributor for particular regions and gained their trust with supportive cooperation.

Our company fields consist of distributorship, wholesale and retail sales, trading, marketing, online business, and logistics.

Remaining an irreplaceable link between our suppliers and clients, we will strengthen further leadership in the IT market of Asia and the CIS countries at the expense of a wide assortment and a high-quality delivered goods and services, the offer of advantageous conditions of a cooperation and constant development of a distribution channel.







Biography Of BM Electronics

As a clean mouth and an honest hand, Will take a man through any land we desire to work with our business partners with open mind.



In 2008 founder of BM Electronics started his business as a Personal Enterprise with trading Nokia, Siemens and Motorola phones, which were trending on that period. Organization is used to do B2B business in Dubai and wholesale business in Uzbekistan.


Early growth

In 2009 founder of BM Electronics established a company having its HQ in Dubai, and several branches in Uzbekistan. Organization used to focus to Uzbekistan market with opening local branches in the cities such as Tashkent, Fergana, Andijan, Namangan and Kokand.


Samsung distributorship

Having a strong team in Uzbekistan which is able to distribute goods throughout Uzbekistan and organize Marketing activities there, the organization sought for having a distribution right for Samsung mobile phones that was in high demand in the focus market. The mutual interest to make business from both Samsung and BM Electronics side lead them to sign a distribution contract, which is lasting till today.


Further distributorship agreements

In 2014 a year begun with signing three distributorship agreements with the companies such as Alcatel, HTC and LG, and also BM Electronics became an official reseller for iPhone products. During the co-operation period with Alcatel, HTC and LG, BM Electronics introduced these brands to Uzbekistan market through the distribution of their products and taking part in Joint Marketing activities such as expanding brand awareness, organizing sales-oriented promotions and generating end user buying experience.



BM Electronics look forward to expand its business by opening branches in Baku (Azerbaijan) Dagestan (Russia), Shenzhen (China) and Montenegro. Starting from 2015 all locations are functioning actively.


New business opportunities

The new year brought new business opportunities for BM Electronics and organization was able to sign a distributorship agreement with Huawei, meanwhile it became an authorized agent for Xiaomi products at the same year. Further at the end of the year, new branch was established in Miami USA.



By the time passed co-operation between BM Electronics and Xiaomi had strengthened, thus in 2020 Xiaomi announced BM Electronics as its exclusive distributor for Uzbekistan market. Moreover, the negotiations between BM Electronics and VIVO that started in the late 2019, has been finalized in 2020 with signing exclusive distributorship agreement.


Local branches and new agreement

The board of directors came up with the decision to expand its business in Uzbekistan, by opening 14 branches in all regions of Uzbekistan. The project is expected to be finalized by the end Q2 2021 and it will give a chance to BM Electronics to distribute its products more efficiently throughout the country. BM Electronics and Alcatel & TCL group resigned the distributorship agreement, in order to achieve the common goals that was expected to achiever earlier in 2014.



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